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SpaceX ride share with SpaceGold Financial Skinny

Right now, there’s a new gold rush going on in Outer Space.

With the advent of SpaceX rideshare now comes the ability for satellites that are equipped with proven patented technology to drill on asteroids to catch a lyft to space and then safely deliver commodities back to earth.

SpaceGold Corporation, founded by rocket scientist William Mook and engineer and metallurgist Hamidreza Jalilian have teamed up with engineers from Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin, The University of Arizona and TriVector Services to design, fabricate, launch and operate satellites equipped with SpaceGold Corporation’s patented asteroid laser drilling technology.

The Mining Project is being funded through a new ERC20 Etherium based token called SpaceGold, ticker SGOLD. The token is fully redeemable for 240 milligrams of gold after the first 70 metric tons are delivered back to Earth, making it the first series of its kind. For every satellite we send up, there will be a new SGOLD series created for circulation in digital and physical gold minted form. The first minted physical SGOLD token will be distributed for circulation after our first successful re-entry.

Gold isn’t the only commodity that SpaceGold Corporation has the potential to bring back from asteroids. Asteroids are composed of up to 80% iron and a 20% mixture of nickel, iridium, palladium, platinum, magnesium and other precious metals such as osmium, ruthenium and rhodium. SpaceGold Corporation is expected to produce 960 tons of gold over the next 20 years and is expected to be valued at $44 billion by the end of our second year of production. #SpaceGold is Money Services registered with FinCen. Ticker # SGOLD is currently trading at $0.60 on the blockchain at the time of this writing and is expected to trade between $7-$11 upon its first delivery from Space.

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