1) Launch a 2000 kg satellite in a RideShare Configuration into Low Earth Orbit.

2) Deploy a solar pumped laser of high efficiency.

3) Use the laser to propel the satellite to an Earth-crossing asteroid that periodically returns to near Earth. (the asteroid is chosen at the time of launch from the 600,000 such asteroids)

4) Arrive at the asteroid and use the solar pumped laser to cut through the surface of the asteroid and cause gold to selectively deposit on to a ribbon of ultra-thin glass which is wound into a return capsule

5) When the capsule is filled, and when the Earth is accessible in a close distance again, the capsule is sent back to Earth using the same laser beam to propel and power the capsule on the return journey.

6) Receive the return capsule at Holloman AFB in the USA.

7) Offer the gold exclusively for SGOLD.