Our mission...

SpaceGold is an Space Mining project to deliver Precious Metals to for use in Space and on the Planet Earth. There have been efforts from many companies in the past in this area, but they couldn’t pinpoint a feasible approach to process the metals in Space. Well… we have engineered a suitable approach, simplifying the mining in space, and we are aiming to deliver the precious metals from Space in 5 years after the operation kicks off!

SpaceGold is first-to-market with a method that mines, refines, and returns gold and platinum group metals from deep space in traceable 0.1 troy ounce tiles secured by a blockchain entry (NFT) at the time of Delivery.

Funds from the investment in SG will be used for engineering, fabricating, launching, and operating spacecrafts over the next 5 years that are equipped with proven moon and asteroid mining and refining technology that SpaceGold Corporation owns.


Precious Metals in Meteorites

Meteorites are rocks broken apart from a comet or an asteroid that has fallen into Earth’s atmosphere. We have been studying the chemical composition of these space rocks for many years.

Metal resources found in the most common iron-based meteorites are much richer than Earth’s crust. Taking gold as an example, on average, there is 4.7 parts per million gold in a common type of meteorite vs 0.004 part per million gold in Earth’s crust. So, these baby asteroids (and their mother asteroids) are more than 1000 times richer in gold compared to our planet’s crust. We have always dreamed of mining these asteroids but it has not been achievable until now. In recent years, the technical and legal processes have been implemented to successfully commercialize a space mining mission. The new decade is all about abundance from off-world resources while saving our planet earth from the over-extraction of its own resources.

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Latest updates (9/10/2021):

  • Completing the Ionic Mining Engine Design (in progress)
  • Developing Critical Design Review (in progress)


Still have questions? That’s okay. We love chatting with people that are interested in our Space Mining Project! Drop us a note and rest assured, we’ll get back to you with a response!