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SpaceGold is a decentralised platform to purchase streams of gold that are produced off-world in space from asteroids using the Blockchain (Ethereum). Users may take physical delivery of gold or trade their SpaceGold tokens to others using our platform. Each SpaceGold token gives the holder the right to a stream of 240 milligrams of physical gold mined and refined in space. Physical gold is returned to Earth on a regular basis from space. Physical gold is retrieved and available to be redeemed by token owners in 1/10th troy ounce increments (3,110 SpaceGold tokens) for payment of 25% (1/4) the price of gold as traded in the London Precious Metals Market.

A Brief Review on The History of Asteroid Mining

Gold in Meteorites

Meteorites are rocks broken apart from a comet or an asteroid and have fallen into Earth’s atmosphere. We have been studying chemical composition of these space rocks for so many years.

Metal resources found in the most common iron-based meteorites are much richer then Earth’s crust. Taking gold as an example, in average, there is 4.7 part per million gold in a common type of meteorite vs 0.004 part per million gold in Earth’s crust. So these baby asteroids (and their mother asteroids) are more than 1000 times richer in gold compared to our planet’s crust. We have always dreamed of mining these asteroids until now that the technical and legal platforms are ready. The new decade is all about abundant in resources and saving our planet earth from over-extraction of resources.

Gold in Meteorites And in the Earth’s Crust by United States Department of the Interior, 1968

What is SGOLD?

SGOLD is a financial vehicle that can be used to cash in its underlying value in gold for physical SpaceGold.

We introduce SpaceGold, the first decentralized application to ever record based streaming contracts for off world gold production and keep track of contract holders and prospective producers using the Ethereum blockchain. All while permitting contract holders to trade their positions with others using Ethereum infrastructure.
Funds are used to fund gold production and other off world production from qualified vendors who agree to SpaceGold streaming terms.

SpaceGold resolves funding issues for space miners by supplying them with Ethereum backed contracts before production in space is realized.

SpaceGold provides a solution for users to receive value within the community associated with a specific event or topic as space mining develops.

The Ico App APPS

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can partici pate in global marketplace.

Application is Underdevelopment

We are introducing a handy solution to manage your transactions. Once we are done with the development phase of Mobile Application you will be facilitated with managing your SGOLD token, Live exchange rates and track your transactions.

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Token Sale TOKEN

SGOLD  ICO sale will be initiated from 2 Feb to onwards till Project Life (2 Feb 2024). SGOLD is introduced with the total supply of  2 Billion SGOLDs. Total Supply distributions are phased as 1.5 Billion SGOLDs for ICO sale. 0.25 Billion SGOLDs Exchange and 0.25 Billion SGOLDs are available as shares.


Feb 2, 2019

Number of tokens for sale

1,500,000,000 SGOLDS(75%)


Feb 2,2024

Tokens exchange rate

1 SGOLD = 0.0041 ETH or any Equivalant Currency

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

1 ETH/ 1 BTC/ 1 LTC

ICO Exchange

SGOLD Tokens Distribution

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Funds Distribution

Funds Distribution


Powered by a Team TEAM

The SGOLD Team combines a passion for mining and Gold distribution project, Industry experts and proven successful individuals, highly qualified researchers, and engineers are working to get the GOALS.

William Mook
CEO & Founder - Aerospace Engineer
Hamidreza Jalilian
COO $ Co-Founder - Metallurgical Engineer

Team SpaceGold Wiki Video

SpaceGold Knowledge Partners PARTNERS

Spacegold News Updates

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How Asteroid Mining Will Save Earth | Space Time

Asteroid mining will happen sooner than you think - Michio Kaku

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of SGOLD, SGOLD Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We introduce SpaceGold, the firstdecentralized application to ever record streaming contracts for off world gold production and keep track of contract holders and prospective producers using the Ethereum blockchain. All while permitting contract holders to trade their positions with others using Ethereum infrastructure.

You can use any popular crypto currency to buy SGOLD Tokens. BTC, ETH, LTC BTC cash and so.

Use Buy Token Button on the homepage, As you will credit ETH to the Smart Contract address you will instantly credited with an equivalent amount of SGOLD Tokens in your address. In case you use any other cryptocurrency, Our Wallet addresses for every cryptocurrency are mentioned, After crediting in our wallet address of corresponding currency address, contact us by Email and attach an invoice, We will transfer an equivalent amount of SGOLD tokens in your address. Congratulations! you have participated in the sale.

Gold availability has peaked, So that on the basis of a number of tokens, you will be granted with Gold of equivalent worth or at profit. Space Gold is a progressive and demanded project. Every coin you spend buying SGOLD will return your gold. 1SGOLD is 0.0041 ETH on cost.

ICO of SGOLD is 2 Feb 2019 and the ending date is 2 Feb 2014. However, you can buy SGOLD before and after the ICO by getting to the homepage (Catch SGOLD echange ) Button.

SGOLD is listed on both exchanges, Etherdelta and Forkdelta.

Yes exactly! You will be able to buy from exchange , Etherdelta , Forkdelta. Links are mentioned.

You can buy from Exchange by following links. Etherdelta :(https://etherdelta.com/#0x5cac3991e1d10d62df007a3559f652887735aedb-ETH Forkdelta: https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0x5cac3991e1d10d62df007a3559f652887735aedb-ETH

1 SGOLD cost 0.0041 ETH or equivalent amount of any cryptocurrency.

SGOLD is 100% secure to buy, we prefer the security and assurance of each SGOLD you will have.

You can buy maximum numbers of token available on sale, If you are first in the ICO you can buy up to 1.5 Billion SGOLDs.

Exactly yeas! There are terms and conditions on the basis of which you can lend or whitelist number of SGOLD tokens.

SGOLD is mainly targeting interested people most of them are trading in gold and facing difficulties in the supply of GOLD, we own a promise to provide them an abundant amount of Gold, Because we believe Asteroids have more Gold than on earth.

We don't restrict either buyer is an individual or a full-fledged company! If you are interested you can buy it right away!

On the home page upper right corner, You can download whitepaper for all the information about SGOLD (Token). and SPACEGOLD (Our mining technique).

By keeping the security of Investors, Interested companies, and buyers under the eye, We have enveloped a promising document which enlists all the promises about, how and when you will be granted with gold with proper assurance.

Gold will be shipped in physical form to the SGOLD holders, On the basis of a number of SGOLD token they hold.

We are mining Gold from Asteroids, This is just how Global Space Mining Market is expected to be returning 25 tonnes of gold to Earth each year by 2025 which amounts to 1% of all gold mined at that time which supports 2.083 billion SpaceGold tokens created and on offer today.!


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.